I was the creep

probably why I hate her but she is such a
bitch and Billy says he "enjoys her company"
anyway all eight of them sat around and I was the
creep and one time they were sitting by the lake and
I went into the woods and I came back and they all
got suddenly silent the creep returns they were talking
about me I guess but I decided I was crazy
and I should feel all warm and together and I
sat down and there was this silence and then Julie
introduces me to her brother who had been there
the whole time
and we were all stoned and I would say something and
they would start throwing it around and I would have
forgotten what I said already and they would be
discussing it and I would be the creep not remembering

 they were all so happy and I was the creep and
 Jim's wife Julie is such a bitch so witty I
 haven't seen her for two years or so so what do I do
 I ask her a stupid question, just appropriate
 for a creep, I ask her if she is teaching which
 is a stupid creep question and she turned to her
 husband and said   Am I teaching, dear...
 and then she took my question and began to dance
 around with it showing how witty she could be
 even with my creep question
 and both Wood and David said how beautiful she
 was when she came to my place last week as soon
 as she left
 and everybody including Billy tells me how she is
 really witty and everything but is nothing really
 at all just witty and beautiful which is