He stood alone above the broad steps of the institution
library immobile his hands in his pockets his face
expressionless staring at the currents of traffic and
rain.  He stood staring at the movement.  It was early
fall again sirens and classes were inside and pretending
an interest and rooms and planning.  He stood motionless
and alone, his hands remained in his pockets and he felt
the wildness of the weather on his face, fine rain in
gusts reached him.  The traffic flowed cars expression-
lessly following channels in the rain, tires making spray.
In the distance beyond the traffic circle a clock said
4:37 p.m.  His hands were in his pockets he was motionless
he stared at the traffic he felt the wild fine rain on his skin.

              dark at five

staring at the traffic from the
deck of the institution watching
the divisions into channels of
the flowing cars from the railing
standing contemplating metal
bodies courses set at
eighty miles an hour in the
wrong direction no reflection
in expression but a turbulence
in mind to see or be on
pavement in a metal casement
sitting steering standing staring
railings institutions channels traffic war.